A Minimalist's Guide to Makeup

Illustration By:  Lo Luna

Illustration By: Lo Luna

Disclaimer: I am not a makeup pro. I’m almost certain that if a makeup artist watched how I applied product they would be horrified. I’ve never been into contouring, eye shadow or owning several jars-worth of makeup brushes, but I give credit to those who do! It’s an investment and an art. Even though I don’t drool over the site of swatches, I still need to cover up my bags and blemishes and these products have become my holy grail (they all fit into one makeup case, too!)

Let’s start with a primer.

Aside from my all-time favorite Glossier priming moisturizer, Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost Hydrating Cleansing Gel and the Hydroboost Gel Cream for Extra-Dry Skin set my makeup well and gives a natural, dewy glow which makes it easy to skip the highlight if I feel like it! It also helped clear any discoloration and acne scars I had! Apply this every morning before your foundation.

Up next, foundation.

I’ve never been one for high coverage or a cakey-foundation feel, but I also used to struggle with acne and redness and continued to try to cover up with a thick foundation. Then, skin tints and BB cream entered my life. Using a light and airy formula allows for my skin to breathe and breakouts to calm! My go-to is Lancome’s Skin Feels Good Skin Nourishing Foundation. It has SPF in it (big win), it’s paraben and oil-free (another point for clear skin! ) and it only takes one pump to cover my whole face which means I don’t have to buy it for at least three months (another win for my bank account). This foundation keeps the glow of the Hydroboost and stays on all day! I’ve found it best applies when using a beauty blender. Because my skin is too sensitive to use makeup brushes, all of the products I have can be applied with your hands or a blender. If you’re balling on a budget, Maybelline’s Dream Pure BB works the same wonders! Personally, it can feel a little bit thicker when applied but I highly recommend this one too.

Look awake with concealer.

I have two favorites that make my eyes bright and give the appearance that I slept for a peaceful nine hours. With TARTE’S Creaseless Under Eye Concealer, a little goes a long way. Four dots of product, blend it out and you’re ready to conquer your 12-hour long day. Fair warning: this product is heavy and very creamy. Make sure to apply a finishing power on top of it. My favorite is TARTE’S Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder. My second favorite is Clinique’s Beyond Perfecting Super Concealer. It’s a lighter formula and covers wrinkles the same way! But if you have oily skin like me, it may not hold all day.


Time for blush.

To no one’s surprise, I’m recommending Glossier’s Cloud Paint. It’s minimal and adds to the effortless, everyday look. I’ve started using the color Storm and it’s the perfect color if you’re trying to achieve a natural complexion look.

Let’s move on to brows.

My eyebrows have been through a journey. I think I’m just now reaching peak fullness and tail length. My brows are naturally dark and full thanks to those Italian genes but I still use a product on them every day to make sure they stay clean and even more full! I switch off between Glossier’s Boy Brow in black and Benefit’s Gimme Brow. Typically, I’ll brush my brow hairs the opposite way and then shape it back to give an even layer and an almost messy, natural look to them.

Long lashes save lives.

The best question I can be asked is “Are those your real lashes?” and that’s the effect of wearing Glossier’s Lash Slick. Applying this mascara feels as satisfactory as when your scissors glide through wrapping paper. It takes one coat for your lashes to look lifted, long and ready to receive compliments. I’ve truly never experienced a better formula. It stays all day, doesn’t damage my lashes and never looks clumpy.

You’re ready to go!

That’s it! My makeup routine is dialed down to six items and less than 20 minutes and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Whether you’re just starting to wear makeup or are looking for products that are quick, easy and natural, you should test these out! If you have any other minimal makeup brands you love, drop a comment below!