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Other professional experiences. . . 

Produced and edited by Austin Romito.

Angola Prison

At what was once the bloodiest prison in America, incarcerated men are reunited with their children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews once a year because of the Malachi Dad's program and Returning Hearts Celebration, two of AWANA Lifeline's ministries.

Through these programs, the qualifying inmates at the maximum-security Louisiana State Penitentiary (Angola Prison) have learned about reconciliation, how to be better father and husbands and most importantly, have had hope restored in their lives. Most of the men in Angola are serving life sentences and have this one day a year in the month of May to spend a few hours with their family without being separated by Plexiglas.

As a part of a team of 12 students, we were divided into four teams of three with a writer, photographer and videographer in each. As a writer, I was able to talk with the incarcerated fathers and a few AWANA volunteers about this day that all inmates say is their favorite day of the year. Working alongside my photographer and videographer, we produced packages and told the story of two inmates and four volunteers. 

Due to the protection of the inmate's privacy, I can only send the stories I wrote and any photos and videos produced, unless posted by AWANA, to potential employers. If you are a potential employer, please ask to see these via my contact page.